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Article: 13 Beautiful Banarasi Sarees for Bengali Wedding

Banarasi Sarees for Bengali Wedding
banarasi sarees

13 Beautiful Banarasi Sarees for Bengali Wedding

Banarasi sarees are a hit among brides. While sarees bring out the charisma of every woman, they are evergreen and will never go out of style. With complex thread work, bright colors and seven yards of pure grace, one can never go wrong with banarasi sarees. From brides to bridesmaids, the banarasi saree is a top choice for a Bengali wedding.

No matter what function it is, we all love to doll up in sarees. Be it the reception, ashirbad or Bou bhaat day, a stunning saree will be perfect for every occasion. While there are several sarees that you can wear for a Bengali wedding, we have made a list of the top ones for you. We understand how overwhelming it can get to pick out from a pool of options, so we are here to help you.

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Traditional Red Saree

Traditional Red Saree Banarasi Sarees for Bengali Wedding

No look can compare with the traditional red saree. It is the ultimate colour for weddings and other occasions as well. Banarasi saree looks the best in red colour, and you will instantly become the centre of attention wherever you go.

Moreover, bridal red sarees are ageless and versatile, so they will always be an appealing choice in the fashion industry. Such sarees are also a good investment in the long run. You will shine bright at weddings with lots of prints and loud colours. If you are in doubt, go with a red saree, and you are good to go.

Sarees with Zardosi's work

Zardosi's work on sarees looks spectacular. If you want to dress up to be the best, this is the option you should opt for. There are bright colours and shiny Zardosi work that come together to make one brilliant saree.

Not only does it look unique, but it will also make heads turn because of its bling and loud colours. This is the perfect traditional saree to impress everyone around you for newlyweds, brides, and brides to be. Also, you can wear them in auspicious pujas to level up your style game.

Eccentric Blues

If you want to ditch the red and go down a road less travelled, a blue banarasi saree for a Bengali wedding will do the job for you. With a vibrant blue colour, you can wear a net blouse to create an astounding outfit. Sarees with hazard buti work are amazing, and they make the saree perfect for weddings and receptions.

With such heavy sarees, Bengali brides usually wear gold jewellery from head to toe. Bridal looks are getting more unique these days, and you have to try out this look for yourself at least once.

Sea-green sarees

For modern-day brides, sea green banarasi sarees for Bengali weddings will be a huge hit. It is unconventional yet so stunning that everyone's eyes will get glued to you. If you wish to keep a minimalistic look, go for this saree and ditch the heavy jewellery. Instead, get a blouse of your liking and get sleek diamond or gold jewellery to pair with this outfit.

Sea green sarees with silver-tone work stand out the most. The saree is suitable for weddings and other important occasions as well. If you ever get bored of bold colours, this option will save your day.

Mayurkanthi Sarees

Mayurkanthi sarees are truly adorable and eye-catching. The combination of Mayurkanthi and banarasi sarees is mesmerizing. It has a natural shine that is extremely pleasing. Such sarees usually come in dual tones as well as patterns.

So if you want something light and breezy but still glamorous, this is just the ideal saree for you. Choose from a variety of patterns and colours. Mayurkanthi is also available in materials like a mulberry, but it looks the best in silk. From pujas to newlywed functions, wear this saree to make a statement and get ready to amaze everyone.

The Royal Yellow

When talking about banarasi yellow sarees, we cannot forget the regal yellow. This bright and gorgeous colour is a favourite of the masses. If you want to look effortless with minimum effort, go for a yellow banarasi saree.

Pair it with a matching blouse or get a cream blouse for contrast. You will find the saree in plenty of designs, from motifs to florals. Not only this but you can choose the shade of yellow too. A heavy yellow saree is the key to easily acing any look without searching for many options.

Katan Banarasi Saree

Let’s just accept that Deepika Padukone is the brand ambassador of Katan sarees. Her gorgeous appearances in banarasi sarees inspired everyone to try this type of saree. It usually comes in dual tones to give a contrasting effect. Magenta pink sarees are very popular with big golden or cream borders.

You can wear a full sleeve blouse with it to turn on your elegant mode. Put your hair in a bun and wear heavy earrings to make the most of this look. If you are looking for a Sarees for Bengali Bride, this one will suit you the best.

Yellow and Red Combination

When talking about classic sarees for Bengali, we cannot miss the evergreen yellow and red combination of banarasi sarees. Brides have loved this attire for decades now, and it is still an ongoing trend.

You can opt for yellow sarees with red and golden borders. Or else, you can wear yellow sarees with a red blouse for contrast. The choices for this combination are endless, and you can customize your look. This is a staple look for brides and is an incredible option to try for special occasions.

White Sarees

White sarees are so in right now. With the dynamic change in the wedding industry, brides are switching from vibrant to calm colours like white. There are several shades of white that you can opt for. Create subtle combinations like white and pink or white and gold or red.

 Choose sarees with light borders and match them with your blouse or jewellery. You can get a quiet background with minimum work on the saree or go all out by opting for colourful motifs. We only have one word to describe the beauty of white banarasi sarees, and that is graceful.

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Opara Silk Saree

Opara silk sarees are the next best option that you can wear to a Bengali wedding. Such sarees come in contrasting colours, different designs and various tones. However, pink-golden and orange-golden remain the top choices for women to date.

For all those who want a sophisticated look for the occasion, you should check out Silk Sarees available at Pratibha Sarees. This saree is ideal for special occasions where you must wear something unique and appealing. Also, the best thing is the wide availability of colours and patterns.

Meenakari Saree

Meenakari sarees are jaw-dropping gorgeous because of their special techniques of creation. Artists use Resham threads and zari for weaving the saree. Although the tradition behind these sarees is sturdy, the designs make you look modern and trendy. Even on your worst days, this saree will make you look and feel beautiful.

Whenever you have confused about what to wear, get a Meenakari saree because it fits right on every occasion. This saree is a type of banarasi saree that is vibrant and lively. As soon as you enter the room, all your eyes will be on you. That is the magic of a good meenakari saree!

Kochi Kolapati Saree

For the times when you wish to switch the vibe a little, go for a Kolapati saree. With unique prints and subtle colours, the saree will win your heart instantly. Not only is it great for weddings and other occasions but it is also perfect for formal wear.

When you are stuck between glamorous and simplicity, take the path that leads to Kochi Kolapati sarees. These handwoven sarees come in dual tones and bold patterns as well. We assure you that this saree will never fail to amaze you.

Lovely Georgettes

We understand that many of you may not be fans of heavy sarees. Or else, you may not be in the mood for wearing something so glamorous. If this is the case, georgette banarasi sarees are just great for you. Being light in weight, they are extremely pretty as well as elegant.

They will look just like a normal banarasi heavy saree, but it will be light and breezy. In addition, you can get sleeveless blouses to make the outfit more trendy. There are a lot of available options in this case as well that you can explore.

Final Words 

This was all you needed to know about Banarasi sarees. With so many options, get ready to rock the wedding season. Look gorgeous in every outfit and break the stereotypes by styling your outfit. Banarasi sarees are all about glamour, bling and class. These are timeless pieces of fashion that will stay in your wardrobe forever.

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