Bharti Leheriya SareeBharti Leheriya Saree
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Bharti Leheriya Saree

Rs. 10,800 Rs. 13,500
Riya Leheriya SareeRiya Leheriya Saree
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Riya Leheriya Saree

Rs. 4,250 Rs. 5,300
Yadana Leheriya Saree
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Yadana Leheriya Saree

Rs. 4,650 Rs. 5,800
Saanvi Leheriya SareeSaanvi Leheriya Saree
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Saanvi Leheriya Saree

Rs. 5,150 Rs. 6,450
Aafreen Leheriya Saree
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Aafreen Leheriya Saree

Rs. 4,950 Rs. 6,930
Nahria Leheriya SareeNahria Leheriya Saree
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Nahria Leheriya Saree

Rs. 10,800 Rs. 15,500
Kaira Leheriya Saree
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Kaira Leheriya Saree

Rs. 12,800 Rs. 16,000
Misha Leheriya SareeMisha Leheriya Saree
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Misha Leheriya Saree

Rs. 11,200 Rs. 14,000
Manika Leheriya SareeManika Leheriya Saree
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Manika Leheriya Saree

Rs. 10,900 Rs. 13,500
Ritika Leheriya SareeRitika Leheriya Saree
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Ritika Leheriya Saree

Rs. 4,150 Rs. 5,100
Yahvi Leheriya Saree
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Yahvi Leheriya Saree

Rs. 8,150 Rs. 10,500
Vachi Leheriya Saree
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Vachi Leheriya Saree

Rs. 8,000 Rs. 10,000
Rahil Leheriya SareeRahil Leheriya Saree
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Anaita Leheriya SareeAnaita Leheriya Saree
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Anaita Leheriya Saree

Rs. 11,500 Rs. 14,300

Pratibha Sarees - The Best Place to Buy Rajasthani Leheriya Sarees

Are you looking for a beautiful multicolor Leheriya saree? If so, look no further than Pratibha Sarees. Pratibha Sarees is the best place to Buy Leheriya sarees in Jaipur, Rajasthan because of their high quality, beautiful designs, and great customer service.

Why Leheriya Sarees are so Famous?

Leheriya sarees are perhaps the most unique and stunning sarees you will ever see. The intricate designs and patterns on these sarees are unlike anything else, and they always manage to turn heads when worn.

Leheriya is a traditional Rajasthani saree which is usually made of cotton or silk. The name "leheriya" comes from the Hindi word for "wave", referring to the way the fabric is dyed to create patterns of waves. The saree is tie-dyed in a bandhani technique, which originated in the Rajasthan region of India. In this technique, dye is applied in stripes or swirls, which gives the fabric a distinctive look.

Leheriya sarees are often brightly coloured, and have eye-soothing designs and patterns which is why these multicolor leheriya sarees are so famous among women.

These sarees are frequently worn during Holi, the Hindu festival of colours, as they are believed to bring good luck. While they were once only worn by women of the Rajput community, leheriya sarees are now popular among women of all ages and communities in India. Because of this Rajputi connection with leheriya sarees, people often wanted to buy leheriya sarees from jodhpur.

Various Types of Fabrics Used for Leheriya Sarees

Leheriya sarees are a type of Indian sarong traditionally made from a variety of different fabrics with a striped design, including cotton, silk, georgette, and chiffon. The stripes are usually dyed in contrasting colors, resulting in a colorful and eye-catching leheriya saree designs.

Each type of fabric has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to choose the right fabric for your needs.

  1. Cotton is the most popular choice for leheriya sarees. It is affordable, durable, and easy to care for. However, cotton can sometimes wrinkle easily and may not have the same level of glow as other fabrics.
  2. Silk is another popular choice for leheriya sarees. It drapes well and has a luxurious feel, but it can be more expensive than other fabrics.
  3. Georgette is a lightweight fabric that is perfect for summer. It is often used in leheriya sarees because it flows nicely and does not wrinkle easily. However, it can be more expensive than other fabrics.
  4. Chiffon is another light and airy fabric that is often used for leheriya sarees with a more casual look. It can be difficult to sew with, however, and may not hold up as well over time as other fabrics.

No matter which type of fabric you choose, leheriya sarees are sure to add a touch of elegance to any outfit. So, if you want to stand out from the crowd, then consider wearing a leheriya saree. You won’t be disappointed!

FAQs - Leheriya Sarees

Q. What is the difference between a leheriya saree and a bandhani saree?

Bandhani sarees are another type of Rajasthani sarees, but they are not tie-dyed. Instead, the fabric is knotted or tied in small groups and then dyed. This creates patterns of squares or circles on the fabric.

Whereas, leheriya sarees have a similar striped design, but they are tie-dyed instead of knotted.

Q: Can I wear a heavy leheriya saree to a wedding?

Yes, leheriya sarees are appropriate for weddings and other formal occasions. If you want to buy a heavy leheriya saree then you can buy it online from our website.

Q: Are designer leheriya sarees good for haldi function?

Yes, leheriya sarees with light designs are perfect for haldi functions. You can buy designer leheriya sarees online from our website or from our store in Jaipur.

Q. What is the best way to care for my leheriya saree?

Leheriya sarees should be dry cleaned or hand-washed in cool water with a mild detergent. Do not wring or twist the fabric, and avoid exposure to direct sunlight or heat.



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