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Article: How to Wear a Saree in Bengali Style: 6 Steps (2023 Guide)

How to Wear a Saree in Bengali Style
Bengali Saree

How to Wear a Saree in Bengali Style: 6 Steps (2023 Guide)

Bengalis are known for their love of sarees and it is easy to see why. Wearing a bengali style of saree is unique and special as it requires careful attention to details and an eye for fashion. It is also a way of showing her femininity, grace and style.

With its distinctive pleats, bright colours, and intricate designs, the Bengali saree can be an elegant addition to any wardrobe. But, if you are not used to wearing a saree, it can seem like a daunting task. But don't worry - we're here to help!

In this blog post, we will show you how you can wear a saree in Bengali style. So whether you're attending a wedding or just want to feel like a Bengali goddess, read on!

Step By Step Guide on How to Wear a Bengali Style Saree

1. Gather the Things Needed to Wear a Bengali Saree

Things Needed to Wear a Bengali Saree

Before you start dressing up, make sure that you have all the necessary items on hand. These include a saree of your choice, safety pins, a blouse or choli, and some jewellery to complete the look.

2. Wear the Blouse or Choli

Wear the Blouse or Choli

The first step when wearing a bengali styled saree is to put on your blouse or choli. Make sure to choose one that complements your saree and provides a nice contrast. Also, you can add some unique details to your blouse or choli to spice up the look - like adding embroidery, lace or other accents.

3. Drape the Saree

Drape the Saree

After putting on your blouse or choli, it's time to drape the saree in the traditional Bengali style. Start by wrapping the fabric around your waist twice - making sure that there are no creases along the way.

Then, tuck in both ends at the waist and make sure they are secure with safety pins on to the right side.

4. Make the Pleats of a Bengali Saree

Make the Pleats of a Bengali Saree

Once you are done with saree draping, making clean pleats is the next step when wearing a bengali saree, as it gives it uniqueness and proper shape and look to you.

To make the pleats correctly, start by folding the saree lengthwise across your body. Then, take one end of the saree and tuck it into your waist. From there, fold each side respectively towards your left and right until they meet at your waistline.

Finally, secure them with safety pins.

5. Tie the Pallu

Pallu of Bengali Saree

The pallu is an integral part of any bengali saree as it's what adds extra flair to your outfit! To tie a pallu correctly, simply drape it over you’re the corner of the left shoulder or right shoulder and secure it with safety pins.

You can also add an extra drape by taking the pallu from the back and tying it around your upper arm or shoulder.

6. Accessorize

Now that you have your saree all set, it's time to accessorize! Add some jewellery like a traditional maang tikka, earrings and bangles. If you want to go for a more contemporary look, you can opt for chunky necklaces or brooches. And if you're attending a formal event, a clutch or small handbag is essential!

You can also look at this video to learn how to wear a saree in bengali style:

How to Care for Your Bengali Saree Properly?

Bengali sarees require proper care so that they can stay beautiful for a long period of time. To make sure your saree stays in top condition, follow these helpful tips:

  • After each wear, hang the saree up on a clothes hanger with plenty of space around it.
  • Keep away your bengali saree from direct sunlight as much as possible – this could cause its colours to fade.
  • Make sure to store your saree in breathable fabric bags or wraps when not in use.
  • Clean all stains from your saree immediately using cold water and gentle detergents.
  • Have your bengali sarees dry cleaned every few months for optimal results.

This will ensure that you can enjoy wearing your bengali style of saree for many years to come!

Ideas for Special Occasions Where You Can Wear a Bengali Style of Saree

Bengali sarees are perfect for making a style statement on special occasions. Whether it is a wedding, a pooja ceremony or any formal event, saree is that thing with which you can never go wrong!

Here are some ideas for occasions where you can wear a bengali style of saree:

  • For weddings, go for traditional bengali silk sarees or modern banarasi sarees with heavy detailing.
  • For pooja ceremonies, go for your favourite chiffon sarees or georgette sarees with traditional jewellery and elegant blouses.
  • For normal house parties, choose bright-coloured cotton sarees or crepe fabric sarees with blouse with some designs.
  • When going for formal occasions like cocktail parties or corporate events, pick out an elegant banarasi saree and accessorize it with minimal jewellery.

No matter what the occasion is, you can make a style statement in a bengali style of saree! So, pick out your favourite saree and show off your style.

Final Words

Bengali sarees are a beautiful and versatile traditional outfit that will never go out of style. Once you have mastered the technique of wearing a bengali style of saree, you will be ready to show off your amazing style!

Follow the steps given above and make sure to practice them before attending any special event so that you can always look your best.

With the right care and styling, you can rock your bengali saree for any occasion! So try out these tips and make sure to wear it with pride.

Happy styling!

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