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Article: How to Drape Saree for Short Height? [10 Steps]

How to Drape Saree for Short Height
Saree Draping

How to Drape Saree for Short Height? [10 Steps]

Sarees are beautiful traditional Indian garments that can be worn in a variety of ways to suit different body types, but it can be difficult to wear if you are short in height. Wearing your favourite saree in the traditional style can make you appear shorter than you actually are, which is why many women opt for other styles such as pre-draped sarees.

But if you want to go with the classic look, then there are some useful tips and tricks which short height girls and ladies can actually follow to drape their saree correctly so they look stunning while not actually looking short.

In this article we will tell you 10 steps on how short height ladies can drape a saree so they can flaunt their curves without looking short by the fabric!

1. Start by Selecting the Saree that is Suitable for Your Height

Selecting Saree that is Suitable for Your Height

The first step towards draping a saree for short height ladies is to select the right kind of saree. Selecting a saree that is suitable for your height can go a long way in making sure your look stands out! In particular, focus on picking a lightweight plain sarees in pastel colours, preferably a thin one as the lighter and simpler the fabric, the easier it will be to adjust and drape.

By choosing a correct saree, you'll achieve a flattering look for any occasion.

2. Use 2-3 Inches Lesser Length than Your Regular Saree Length

Short height women should opt for a short length saree instead of a full-length one. This means that if you usually buy six yards of the saree fabric then try buying five and half yards or even five depending on your body type and size. You can also go for four yards if you are very short in height.

3. Choose Sarees with Broader Borders or Heavy Embroidery Work

A great way to make you look taller when when wearing a saree is by opting for a saree with broader borders or heavy embroidery work towards the bottom. This will add more weight to the lower portion of your saree and also provide you an opportunity to play around with contrasting colors and textures, creating an overall visually appealing look.

4. Choose Sarees With Right Print and Pattern

Try to wear saree with vertical stripes as it is an ideal choice if your height is short, as it will not only make you look taller but also slim as it has slimming effects. Another option would be to go for modern designs like geometric prints or contemporary floral patterns, which help in creating an illusion of length across the body.

Remember that horizontal stripes can make you look short in height which is why if you are already short then avoid such saree fabrics and designs.

5. Choose the Right Blouse

When draping a saree when a women has petite figure, the most important thing to consider is the right blouse. The right blouse like a plain blouse can give you a flattering silhouette and make your curves noticable in the right places. It can also create an illusion of longer legs and overall taller height.

Ideally, go for a fitted or high neck blouses that nips in at the waist like an off-shoulder or peplum style in vibrant colors.

You can also try to keep the length of your blouse medium.

6. Try a Slim Fit Petticoat or Jeans Underneath

There is a tried-and-true solution that can help you look your best: try wearing jeans underneath or a slim fit petticoat under the saree. A petticoat of this style is tailored specifically to reduce the fabric collecting at the feet and is an ideal foundation piece for your saree.

With this slimming effect, it'll be a breeze for you to make even the most intricate draping look good on your body.

Try to avoid wearing a flared petticoat as it might make you look more petite.

7. Pin Up Your Drape in a Correct Manner

Pinning up your saree correctly is one of the most important and integral steps to get that perfect drape. Those having a short height should always go for lightweight sarees as it will help give an illusion of extra height and make you look taller than usual. Moreover, wearing the pleats at around hip-length could also add a few extra inches to your height visually.

Pinning up these pleats securely using safety pins and then wrapping the lower part of the fabric in such a way that it drapes your body instead of hanging loosely from waist can help you in making your drape a perfect one.

8. Always Wear Heels While Draping Your Saree

To ensure that your saree gives you the height you desire, it is always best to pair it with a good pair of heels like pencil heels or even a pair of square heels. Heels take your wardrobe from casual to chic instantly and also make sure you give the perfect drape for your saree.

When wearing a saree with heels, be sure to keep the pleat shorter around the ankle length than normal so as to flatter your shorter figure.

Additionally, be sure to pick vibrant colors that will instantly give the illusion of length and volume. With these tricks in mind, draping a saree for short heights should no longer feel like an intimidating task!

9. Go for a Hairstyle Which Matches Your Draping Style

Choosing hairstyles that matches your saree draping style when you are a person of shorter height is key. A smartly chosen hair-do will instantly lift your look by adding more elegant appeal. Opt for an intricate hairstyle like those with braids, curls, or mermaid buns.

This will draw away the attention from your less-height which might otherwise be highlighted in contrast to your draped saree.

Go for hairstyles that focus on the accessory parts and have light over all appeal like a half updo with low bun and texture.

10. Accessorize Well

Accessories to wear with Saree

A saree worn by women of short height might not give the glamour which is should be giving, but if you accessorize yourself well, it can make your saree more flattering. Think vertically: wear high heels and take advantage of your neck by wearing statement jewelry or a longer-length necklace. Or make it more horizontal with thick, heavy earrings that will draw attention away from the waistline.

Throw in a thin belt to give the illusion of length and wear purses close to the body to add balance.

No matter what you wear or how short you are, accessorizing with cleverly chosen items will definitely enhance your overall look!

Which Saree Drape is Best for Short Height Girl?

When it comes to saree draping for short girls or petite women, the key is to look for details and fabrics that will give definition without appearing bulky. Choose small prints and delicate fabrics such as light printed chiffon sari, georgette sarees, organza sarees or even a plain saree.

Opt for lighter colors like pastels or muted shades over darker ones since they tend to make you appear shorter. A single panel drape with minimal pleats is always a great choice as it can help accentuate your curves beautifully.

For something unique, you can try edgier styles such as the Bengali saree or dhoti saree.

Does Saree Look Good on Short Height?

Absolutely! A saree can be a great choice for short height girls as long as it is the right kind. Look for materials and colors that will give definition without making you look bulky, such as chiffon, georgette or organza in lighter shades like pastels or muted colors.

Final Words

So these are some useful tips that short height girls and ladies can follow while choosing and draping a saree so they can create an illusion of height. With the right kind of saree and accessories, you can flaunt your curves and look tall and confident! So go ahead and try these tips out to create a stunning saree look for yourself.

Happy draping!

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