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Article: How to Wear Gujarati Style Saree in 11 Easy Steps

How to Wear Gujarati Style Saree

How to Wear Gujarati Style Saree in 11 Easy Steps

Gujaratis are widely known for two things: Garba and their Gujarati style saree draping. The soft and colourful culture of Gujarat always tops the fashion charts.

While wearing a saree is a beauty in itself, changing the pallu style is even more fun. In the Gujarati saree style, you wear the pallu on the right shoulder.

Apart from Gujarat, women often wear gujarati saree in Rajasthan as well.

If you want to wear something unique and want a break from ordinary styles of saree draping then a Gujarati style of saree draping is perfect for you.

We know that it can be very confusing to wear a gujarati drape saree but don’t worry as here in this article we are giving you a step by step guide on how to wear gujarati style saree and this will make it easy for you to wear the saree elegantly.

Here is everything you need to know about a Gujarati style sari drapping.

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How to Wear Saree in Gujarati Style

Also known as a seedha pallu sarees, traditional Gujarati sarees are quite manageable. Carrying out your day-to-day activities in this draping style is comparatively easier. Not to forget, the right shoulder pallu looks gorgeous.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the steps involved in the process:

  1. First, you need to choose a Gujarati saree to begin with. You can opt for a georgette saree or a chiffon saree for this. We would suggest that you wear heavy bandhani sarees or any saree with a heavy pallu and intricate detailing for better look.

  2. Now, go for a matching blouse as well as a petticoat. You can even wear saree shapewear if you wish. Most importantly, be ready with a bunch of safety pins in your hand.

  3. After wearing your blouse and petticoat, do wear your sandals first before starting to drape the saree.

  4. Now comes the draping part. Find the side of the pallu which will be heavier than the rest of the saree. Take the non pallu end and tuck it on the right side. Start tucking the above part of the saree in your petticoat as you go from right to left. Ensure that you measure the height of the saree at the floor level and tuck it at a length you are comfortable with.

  5. Ensure that you do not tuck the saree in the same place more than once. Go around the waist and stop as soon as you complete one full circle of tucking the saree. Do this part very neatly and carefully otherwise, the saree will look bulky which will make you appear shabby.

  6. Grab the loose end of the saree and tuck it on your left waist side. Leave some fabric in the front for making box pleats.

  7. Take the fabric that you left for pallu pleats and hold it from both sides. Start making pleats neatly, one at a time and ensure that all of them are equal in size. Hold this pallu firmly, bring it back from your left shoulder and put it up on your right shoulder. The pallu should at least come to your thigh level.

  8. Safeguard the pallu with the blouse using safety pins. This is the most authentic step to wear Gujarati style sarees. Do not make big pleats as they may fall off your shoulder.

  9. Now, take the frontal fabric that is left loose. Again, hold it from both ends and make box pleats using your thumb and forefinger. Keep making the pleats till you reach the end of the saree and there is no fabric hanging left. Shake the pleats nicely but gently. Use your palms to crumble them a few times. This step makes sure that the pleats stay in place and look together. Tuck the pleats near the naval area and secure them with a safety pin. You can even use designer pins for this area.

  10. Furthermore, take the left end of your pallu and take it back towards your left side such that it covers the bust area entirely. Tuck it by your waist and secure it with a pin. Adjust the length of the pallu accordingly and remember that it should remain above the knee.

  11. Have a good look at yourself in the mirror and make the necessary adjustments. Use several safety pins, especially if your saree is heavy. Try sitting and walking in the saree to see if it is comfortable or not. Use as many safety pins as you wish, there is no limit to that.

Also, you cannot ace this look without wearing traditional Gujarati jewelry. The culture is known for wearing heavy jewellery from head to toe. Opt for some bangles, earrings, a necklace and maybe a maang tikka, depending on the event you are attending.

Hope you have now understood how to wear gujarati style saree step by step.

The Rajrani Gujrati Saree Draping Style

Rajrani draping style is a little different from the traditional Gujarati saree drape. If you want to skip the cliche draping, you can try this out. Several celebrities swear by this type of drawing whenever they wear Gujarati sarees.

Everything remains the same and there is just one minor difference.

When you secure the pallu with the blouse, you do not directly tuck the left corner of the pallu on the left side of the waist. Instead, you hold the corner and take it along the border of the blouse towards your left.

From here, you take the pallu backwards and tuck it behind. Put safety pins near your chest area so the pallu does not fall.

Unconventional Ways of Wearing a Gujarati Style Saree

In Gujarati style saree draping, there are several variations that you can opt for. Experiment with the below-mentioned styles to see which one suits you the best. Here are a few of them:

1. Lehenga Style

Lehenga Style Gujarati Saree

In this style, you simply make layers of the pallu and tuck each of them in the middle. If you wish to look modern and out of the box, you should try this. Also, this style is suitable for every occasion.

2. Ghunghat Style

Ghunghat Style Gujarati Saree

Do you want to go all traditional with the draping style? If yes, you must try out the ghunghat style. Simply pull the hanging fabric from the back and put it over your head. Secure it with pins and you are ready to go. This is the conventional look for Gujaratis and it looks adorable.

Famous Sarees That You Can Opt for Gujarati Style Saree Draping

Bandhani sarees are hands down the most popular ones for draping a Gujarati style saree. With vibrant colours and light fabric, there is nothing more you can ask for.

Chanderi is next in line with its sheer appearance that wins everyone’s hearts.

Maheshwari sarees, lehriya sarees and gharchola sarees are some other types of sarees that look incredible.

However, you need to avoid certain types of fabrics like organza because they will make you look bulky.

Ensure that the pallu is heavy and attention grabbing because that is the beauty of a traditional Gujarati saree.

Final Words

Gujarati style saree draping surely looks appealing. If you master how to do this elegantly, there is no stopping you. Have patience and follow each step carefully to look graceful. When it comes to sarees, make safety pins your best friend.

Practise this style a couple of times and get ready to look like a proper patola.

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