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Article: How to Wear and Style Saree in Winter and Look a DIVA

How to Style Saree in Winter

How to Wear and Style Saree in Winter and Look a DIVA

If you are concerned about how you can wear and style your saree in winter then you don't have to worry at all as in this guide we are going to give you some amazing tips which will give a unique look to your winter wear.

The saree is the ultimate outfit that never goes wrong. Whatever occasion it is, be it a winter wedding or a baby shower, a saree is the answer to all your confusion. Whether you want to look glamorous, formal, chic or elegant, you can ace every occasion by picking the right saree.

Moreover, there are endless ways of styling a saree, allowing you to create a new look every time.

You are wrong if you think that a saree is only for the summer season. You can wear a saree all year long, even in winter. However, most of you may think that wearing a saree with sweaters and cardigans not only looks bulky but is not stylish at all.

However, this is a myth, and there are wonderful ways of wearing a saree without making yourself suffer in the chilling cold. Celebrities wear sarees all the time in winter and make them look highly fashionable at the same time.

Here is a quick guide that will give you some fantastic ideas.

Saree with Coats

Wearing coats with a saree is a fashionably acceptable choice. The concept is widely popular as it looks chic and lavish. Opting for a coat is a great choice and it keeps you warm too. Although make sure to wear the coat with a usual blouse and do check the blouse material and your coat material before choosing one.

Whether you are going for a formal look or a breezy one, the right coat can make all the difference for you. Decide whether you wish to look traditional or formal and dress accordingly, keeping the occasion in mind.

1. Silk Coats

Saree with Silk Coat

A flowing silk coat will complement your saree perfectly. It will make your style more gorgeous and will elevate your appearance instantly.

A silk coat will will add a bit of glam to your saree, and it will give your dignified saree an effortlessly stylish look too.

Such coats are suitable for all kinds of events. You can even pair a belt with the coat and saree to get a modern look.

No matter how heavy or light the saree is, if you are wearing or full sleeved blouse or a half sleeved one, silk coats go with everything.

It is super trendy right now, and its fad will not get less anytime soon.

2. Trench Coats

Saree with Trench Coat

A trench coat has the power to upgrade your saree look in a jiffy. It looks bold and formal yet dressy at the same time, which makes it a great choice. Moreover, endless colours are available in these coats so that you can experiment with new colour combinations.

Usually, a black trench coat is the most prevalent and safe choice for most sarees with full sleeved blouses during winter season. However, you can even create a contrast with the saree or opt for monochromatic tones.

A saree with a trench coat is a look you can make easily with minimum effort. For those who wish to play it right, this is the perfect alternative for you.

3. Overcoat

Saree with Overcoat

A long overcoat is just what you need to look royal and luxurious in a saree. Overcoats have a vibe about them that makes any outfit much better. This combination will do the job if you want to make a statement wherever you go.

When it comes to overcoats, you should go for bold colours as they complement every saree. Get a fancy brooch for the saree for those who want to go all out.

You can wear the coat open or pair it with a belt; the choice is yours to make.

Saree with Jackets

If power women wear is your kind of vibe, you will love this option. Whether you are wearing a traditional heavy bandhani saree or a light cotton saree, jackets will go with them all. Not only are they perfect for winter, but they look gorgeous and uber cool.

When it comes to jackets, you have a wide array of options to choose from.

Here are some options that you can experiment with:

1. Leather Jacket

Saree with Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are audacious, stunning, and an easy choice. If you want to keep it simple yet stylish, a leather jacket is going to be the best for you. You can even opt for a contrasting jacket that complements your saree.

A black or brown jacket will go with all sarees. For chilly days, you can style a saree with a leather jacket, boots and a classy pair of shades.

You can wear thermals underneath the coat to protect yourself from the cold while still looking dapper.

2. Ethnic Jackets

Wear a matching jacket to your saree to look traditional and put together. Ethnic jackets are usually the same design as your saree.

However, you can mix and match things if you have different options. If you are going for an ethnic jacket, wear minimal jewellery and let the jacket be the focus.

Also, the jacket can be of any fabric you like, so you will have vast options. In such jackets, you can wear the pallu outside of the jacket to create the perfect traditional outfit.

3. Velvet Jacket

While talking about styling a saree in winter, we cannot miss out on a long velvet jacket. Velvet is the ruling fabric in winter and is simply gorgeous. You can wear a velvet saree and pair it with a velvet blouse.

Ensure that the jacket matches the saree in some way. If you are wearing a heavy saree, see that the pallu is visible. Take the pallu above the jacket and then across your shoulder.

This ensemble is great for day as well as evening events. Achieve a more festive look by opting for statement jewellery.

Cardigans with a Saree

Cardigans are a classic in winter. If you want to keep it basic, opt for a pretty cardigan. The choice is yours whether you want the pallu to be under the cardigan or over it. Black, brown, white and beige are some colours that go with everything.

Go for such neutral-coloured cardigans so you will always have something to wear.

From a plain saree to a printed saree, cardigans look great with all of them. For occasions when you wish to keep it casual, effortless and the bare minimum, a cardigan is the best alternative for you.

However, ensure that it is of good quality, attractive and does not make you look outdated. Wearing heels will add a bit of glam to this outfit.

Fitted Sweaters

Replace your blouse with a fitted sweater and wear your saree over it. Make sure that the sweater is body-hugging, or else your outfit will give a shabby look.

For this appearance, you should opt for dark colours like black, maroon or deeper shades of any colour. You can even go for turtleneck sweaters, as it gives an uber-chic impression.

Go for cropped sweaters style the normal ways in a way that they look like long sleeved blouses.

Glamorous Cover-Ups

Do you want to wear sarees without disrupting their integrity? If yes, you can opt for cover-ups. For example, if you wear the pallu on your left shoulder, you can take a silk dupatta or an elegant pashmina shawl and put it on your right shoulder.

Along with looking gorgeous, they also serve the purpose of keeping you warm in winter. They act like a second pallu and enhance the outfit greatly.

However, see to it that the shawl or the dupatta complements the saree and does not look out of place. Contrasting colours are a great option for this type of styling. There are endless fabrics to choose from.

Whether its a silk saree, a velvet saree, a georgette saree or a chiffon saree, you can go for anything you like.

Being a tried and tested styling technique, shawls and dupattas are widely popular for all the right reasons.

Wear heavy jewellery, keep your hair in a bun and choose a shawl with intricate detailing to make heads turn wherever you go.

Styling Tips for Winters

While we are at it, you should also know how to put together an outfit to make it work for you. Here are some tips that you should follow:

1. Hair and Makeup

In winter, there is usually a lot going on with the outfit especially when you wear a saree. You may opt for a blazer, shawl, or maybe a leather jacket. To balance it out, you can opt for a sleek bun with your hair pulled back.

This gives a clean girl look and brings all the attention to your outfit. Curling your hair is another acceptable choice that goes well with sarees.

Other than this, make sure that your makeup matches your overall outfit. You can always go for a smokey eye and nude or red lipstick for a safe and quick look.

However, if your outfit is traditional and heavy, ensure the makeup is up to the mark. You surely do not want to look dull on special occasions.

2. Saree Draping Style

No matter how stunning your outfit is, it all depends on how well you carry it. Drape your traditional saree properly and pay special attention to the draping style.

Since you wear extra layers in winter, it may be possible that your draping style gives an illusion that you gained a few kilos.

The fabric you choose also matters in this aspect.

Secure the saree with several safety pins and look graceful because that is the entire point of wearing a saree.

Keep the pallu open in your hands, as it is ideal for the chilly weather.

3. Accessorizing

Adding appropriate accessories is a vital step that can make or break your look. Earrings and a choker are a must in every outfit as they bring out the look of the saree.

How heavy the jewellery you wear depends on the type of event you are attending. Choose statement pieces when your saree is breezy and light.

Even though it is winter, you can still rock the outfit with attractive accessories.

Rings, maang tikka, bangles and hair accessories are other things you can experiment with. Mix and match your jewellery to create quirky looks.

Final Words

By now, your nervousness about wearing a saree in winter must have taken a back seat. Own your look by following the styling techniques. Remember, it is not what you wear but how you carry it.

Whatever look you go for, it should be neat. Avoid anything that looks bulky or shabby, as it ruins the elegance of a saree.

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